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Every financial institution is unique, and so are we. Our powerful, nimble, and versatile SOC is one of the most advanced Security Operations Centers built specifically to protect the Financial Industry. Our scalable platforms, processes, and personnel are built to secure financial institutions, both large and small.

SIEM . . . without the extra workload.

The 5iron SIEM goes far beyond simple log aggregation to provide a wholistic view into your organization’s network activity. Our SOC services combine continuous data analysis, threat intelligence, and certified security expertise to provide the critical visibility and actionable intelligence needed to remediate threats.

Why Managed SIEM?

Properly managed SIEM is critical to the security of your organization.

Increased Threat Detection

5iron improves your security posture by focusing the SIEM platform on detection. We integrate network data and threat intelligence to achieve the visibility needed to protect your organization.

Enhanced Compliance

Proactive security monitoring is becoming required by more and more regulatory requirements and governing bodies. No matter your size, 5iron’s SOC processes and 24x7 monitoring of the environment enable your organization to exceed those requirements.

Reduced Internal Workload

5iron’s Security Operations Center enables you to maintain the depth of expertise necessary to harness the SIEM’s power for a fraction of the cost of internal head count.

More than just another box, our Firewall is a solution.

Traditional firewall methodology is no longer sufficient to ensure the security of your information and systems. 5iron’s Firewall Service combines the effectiveness of Next Generation firewalls with years of information security experience to provide real-time defense, protection, and response to active threats against your systems and information.

More than just another box, our Firewall is a solution.

Why Managed Firewall?

Enhance your perimeter security with real-time defense against attackers managed 24x7 by our security experts.

Real-Time Defense

Your firewall shouldn't just defend against yesterday’s threats. 5iron combines the power of Next Generation Firewalls with decades of real world Cybersecurity experience to provide real-time defense

Active Mitigation

We closely monitor traffic in and out of your network to identify threats to your organization. Once identified, we can both block the traffic, and work with your team to address any determined vulnerability on your network.

Platform Management

5iron’s Security Operations Center leverages security experience to manage the firewall platforms, ensuring they are functioning and available to harden your defenses and prevent unwanted traffic on your network.

Email Security. The First Line of Defense

Email as an attack vector is used more today than it ever has been—because it works. End users have proven over and over their willingness to open unknown attachments or links. The best way to protect these users against an attack is by making sure malicious email never gets to their inboxes in the first place.

Why Managed Email Protection?

As the #1 security attack vector, Managed Email Protection is critical in the ongoing battle against threat actors.

Minimize Human Error

Prevent users from opening malware attachments or links by not even delivering the email. Sandboxed and Analyst reviewed protection prevents most malicious email from ever reaching your users.

Reduce Attack Surface

94% of public breaches started with attacks targeting people via email. 5iron's email protection guards your personnel from the threats targeting them and the data they work with.

Identify & Mitigate Attacks

5iron's Email Protection identifies attacks against your personnel and mitigates ongoing attack campaigns against those and other staff. Pivoting on indicators of compromise in real-time, we can remediate delivered attacks before the target knows they have the email.

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