5ironCyber security operations detect and actively respond in real-time to stop cyber-attacks against your organization.


Percent of organizations seeing an increase in cyber threats since 2022
79 Minutes
Average time from initial access by a threat actor to lateral movement
10 Days
The median dwell time for intrusions in the Americas in 2022

5ironCyber Security Operations

Don’t give bad actors time to get a foothold. 5ironCyber Security Operations fight the cybersecurity battle with you, working to stop cyber-attacks as they happen. Our 24x7 Security Operations Center detects, investigates, and responds to threats are they occur, dramatically increasing your security posture while replacing your need to maintain and staff your own SOC.


We continuously monitor your environment to detect threats to your organization. Threats are identified in near real-time by combining analyst overwatch, the latest threat intelligence, and customized automation engines with machine learning.


Our seasoned security analysts use best-in-class platforms and tools to investigate all detected threats across the environment. Correlation across platforms enables them to more quickly identify the threat and minimize dwell time.


Our personnel respond to events as they occur and contain the issues, rather than simply notifying your team of the problem. If the issue is beyond 5ironCyber's reach in your network, we will work with your team to mitigate the threat, resolving the root cause.

Security Operations

Security Operations

24x7 Expert Response

5ironCyber Analysts triage, investigate and respond across platforms to contain identified threats and mitigate risk in real-time.

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Security Operations

Comprehensive Visibility

Data collected from all platforms – both local and cloud – is correlated and used to provide a comprehensive and clear picture of events in your infrastructure.

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Security Operations

SOC2 Type 2 Certified

Our solutions are built on resilient processes, procedures, and platforms, and continually tested to ensure compliance.

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  • I feel so much more confident in our security posture with 5iron and this was validated through our audit last week. Our Auditors had nothing but positive comments as well.

    Information Security Officer

    $1B Bank, Mississippi
  • 5iron has been an amazing strategic partner and we could not be happier.

    Chief Information Officer

    $3B Bank, Tennessee
  • Your services have been exemplary and your staff is top notch…I can say with 100% certainty the move to 5iron has been one of the best moves we have made from a technology and InfoSec perspective . . . I sleep better at night.

    Information Security Officer

    $1B Bank, Mississippi
  • 5iron has been a true partner to us. 5iron is the best vendor we have because you work with us as a team and support us day to day.

    Chief Information Officer

    $3B Bank, Tennessee
  • We were with a national "big box" competitor and they didn't even compare to the service and responsiveness we get from 5iron. I can sleep better at night because I know 5iron is looking at my network.

    Chief Operating Officer

    $1.2B Bank, South Dakota

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