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5ironCyber Security Operations solutions were created because results-based, active response makes a difference. Simply monitoring, alerting, and “recommending” are not enough. Our team of cybersecurity experts stand in the gap between your organization and the threat actors intent on doing you harm.

A Brief History…

Today’s threat landscape is constantly changing, and organizations are working diligently to increase their security posture and prevent attacks. Even so, there are often gaps that concern the stakeholders and can’t seem to be addressed. Often a single platform offers to solve all of the security problems with one “magic bullet,” only to find out that while it might solve one problem, it doesn’t solve another . . . more gaps. Plus, with more platforms, you need more expertise—expensive, hard to find, expertise.

Organizations need a more effective security solution.

5ironCyber grew out of this need

There is no magic bullet. We use disciplined, consistent security operations to effectively defend your organization from cyber threats. Our US based and SOC2 Type 2 certified Security Operations provide ongoing expertise, oversight and management of your security platforms to enable the best defense possible against threats to your organization.

Working as an extension of your team, we provide monitoring, management and active response—24x7. Our operational platform and security personnel combine to pinpoint specific actionable information about security events and then act on this information to contain the threat.

A Brief History…

What's in a Name?

"As iron sharpens iron - so one man sharpens another"

One of the questions people often ask is "what does 5iron stand for?" It is a fair enough question. 5iron stands for many things—and that, in essence, is where the name came from. A favorite verse from the Bible, Proverbs 27:17 says, "As iron sharpens iron - so one man sharpens another" is one of our guiding principles. We believe our services should always leave the client in a better position than we found them. Likewise, we believe that no man is an island unto himself, and a wise man is one who surrounds himself with other wise men to live a lifetime of continual "sharpening".

Also, as avid golf fans there is a double-meaning for us. We have had people tell us that the 5iron is the "Club by which all others are measured." Everyone knows exactly how far they hit their 5iron and then simply translate distance to the other clubs. We strive to be an organization "by which all others are measured."


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